Sunday, 15 January 2012

Following the recipe

Hey you,

Growing up, baking was very important in my family - my nan always had a still warm sponge cake waiting for us on a Saturday afternoon when we visited.  At home, my mum spent Sunday morning preparing the roast and then baking up a storm for the week ahead.

As I got older, she let me take over the Sunday baking and there's nothing more enjoyable for me even to this day, than trying to get the lightest and tallest sponge cake possible.

When I bake, I know the recipe off by heart and measure by eye - sometimes the end result is perfect, other times maybe not so.  Unfortunately, my boy is a stickler for following the recipe and that's how we've spent this afternoon - Glump cup cakes.

Recipe: Mix butter and sugar until creamy    
Me: Agreed
Boy: Agreed
Recipe: Beat egg and add to butter and sugar mixture bit by bit
Me: Not sure about this, I normally add the egg with a bit of flour to stop it splitting
Boy: Mum, follow the recipe!
Recipe: Add the milk and mix slowly
Me: The mixture's split
Boy: Mum, follow the recipe!
Recipe: Fold in the flour and baking powder gently
Me: Dump all the flour in and beat the hell out of it until not split anymore
Boy: Mum, follow the recipe!

The end result was the same, just that I had a slightly different way of getting there.

Just because you don't follow the recipe, doesn't mean it won't turn out right in the end!

Take care,

Remy xxx

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